Cook-in Bags: save energy and save the planet!

Would you like to save energy when you cook? In Africa, this means not only saving money, but in many households, time taken to gather firewood or making charcoal. Searching for firewood can expose women and children to the danger of abduction or abuse. The greatest threat to biodiversity in Uganda is logging of forests. Wood is used for many products but fuel for fires and charcoal making are high on the list.

Ever cooked over an open, smokey fire? The reality of every day use of fires for cooking are respiratory problems, eye problems and the ever present danger of burns – many of the children admitted to hospital suffer burns having fallen on to an open fire – let alone hair, skin and clothes reeking of smoke.

Fires or charcoal burners are used to boil beans or stews for hours and hours, but with a Cook-in bag, this is reduced to 12-15 mins on the heat and then 3 hours in the bag – it is obvious how fuel is saved! For rice and pasta, boil for 1-2 minutes and then put in the bag for 20-30 minutes.

The technology is old dating back to hayboxes. The principle is to bring the food up to boiling temperature then keep it there by thermal insulation rather than more heat.

Our mission is to bring these bags to the whole of Uganda, Africa and the world!

This is a business opportunity available to anyone who wants to grab it! Make these bags and sell them to your friends, colleagues and neighbours. You make money, they make savings and together we save the environment.

See my blog for how to make a Cook-in bag: click here and further blogs will follow with stories about how we are trying to spread the word [and the bags!] in Africa.

The pattern for another version can be found on this site, wonderbag pattern.

See here for many recipes.

A commercial version is made in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Read a research paper verifying the efficiency of these bags here.


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